DnD Story #151 – Never toss a dwarf

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So my group has been playing Tomb of Annihilation and we finally got to the final floor of the dungeon where you fight the lich Acerak. Well before we fight him we have to destroy the soul monger and a giant demon fetus of Orcus, both of which are suspended over a big pit of lava that takes up most of the room. I dont want to burn too many spell slots, as my dwarf cleric is the group's healer. It being the end of the main quest, I also wanted to do something epic. Not one to stay out of the fight, our Tortle monk and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to throw me about 20 feet at the soul monger so i could smash it with my flail. It seemed like a good idea, our rogue was already standing on top of the demon fetus, stabbing it. And because of an artifact we found our monk had a strength of 23. Well to the monk's embarrassment and my horror he rolled less then a 5 on his strength check and I rolled less than 10 for agility. The end result was me being thrown straight into the lava, the rope we tied around me burning up, and me being dropped to almost one HP. So in the midst of a heated battle the group has to scramble to figure out how to pull me out of lava before I completely die. They manage to throw a rope that the DM benevolently allows me to be just conscious enough to grab and they haul me out with one HP to spare and a badly singed beard. The only permanent damage was to my severely burned pride, but the lesson was learned: no one tosses a dwarf.


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