DnD Story #152 – My campaign so far… Episode 1-5

Figures... the one person that knows him is a HobGoblin out to kill everyone...

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Day 1
I quickly found myself besieged by a people who’ve never heard of the glorious battles beneath the waves, or the valiant Tritons fighting and dying for their peace of mind.
Day 5
I have come across a small military force fighting a small force of two legged creatures. They seem to be losing. I have chosen to assist the losing side in a withdrawal.
Day 7
The force I assisted was the last remnants of a military expedition that was returning to base. It had been devastated by overwhelming force. I have escorted the survivors back to their base and been introduced to their commanding officer. He has offered me a chance to join this military, The Silver Shields, that defends an empire. I must think about this decision.
Day 8
I have accepted the offer to join The Silver Shields. I am now on my way to the capital of this Empire for assessment and training. I am looking forward to the challenge and the new experiences that are lying ahead of me.
Day 89
Woke up after a nightmare. We were Sent on a rescue mission to a local village. Ambushed by Kobolds and a Hobgoblin. Villagers were kidnapped. Aerol and I set off in pursuit and managed to rescue a Ranger and one villager. We neutralized the Kobold and Hobgoblins encamped nearby.
Day 90
Woke up to another nightmare in which I saw the King dead. Found out my companions had had the same dreams. When we reported to the General, we were promoted to Officers. Afterwards, we spoke to the War Council and the King about our dreams.
We were ordered to report any further dreams to General KYOSEN, then we were assigned to search for the villager who had escaped the Kobolds. On our way out of town we ran across multiple intrigues, one of which involves possible necromancy. Having located the zombie and dispatched clerics to see to it. We are currently on our way to the family’s crypt in the city graveyard to check for the boys remains.
Day 91
We entered the crypt today, having been joined by Zaadish, a Rogue from Aerol’s command. We are currently halfway through what the records show to be the crypt, having faced Animated Skeletons, Zombies, a ghast, and a few hostile Shadow Entities that are unknown to me. Aerol and I are leaning even more strongly towards our hunch that the Gods are definitely NOT responsible for this. We suspect some foul form of Necromancy.
Day 92
We warily walked down the stairway and were almost immediately set upon by Skeletons and Zombies, who managed to synchronize at times somehow. After we managed to defeat these undead creatures, we encountered Sameel, a Drow who had claimed the Crypt as his domain and stocked it with his “pets”. He is the source of the Necromancy. We almost managed to defeat him, before we were all defeated, (we discovered a new trick with our Army Brands). While we watched, he disappeared down a tunnel summoning a wall of flame to cover his escape. Instead of pursuing, we rescued the prisoners he had in the room and left through a nearby hidden passage.
Day 96
We spent the last three days recovering in the medical ward from our adventures in the Crypt. After we were released, we were given our orders and were allowed a night on the town. We visited a tavern where I spent it swapping war stories and trying to see if there were any rumors about the Sahuagin in the officer corps. Kelsor couldn’t keep it in his pants and left with some elven lady, but he showed up with her today with a wagon she donated for our mission to find out what’s happening to the caravans.

Day 98
We woke up to wolf attack. After fighting them off (killing 6 of the furry land mammals), we settled down for a night’s rest. I tried my hand skinning and butchering the slain wolves (made 340 lb.s of jerky). After falling asleep again, we woke up and broke camp. We travelled until we came across a small village with a weeping woman. Here, we learned of an incident involving a nearby Elven society that had captured a man who had entered “their woods” breaking an agreement with the village. Since we had no idea if this agreement was a kingdom law or not (and our Elf was passed out drunk in the carriage), we sent a messenger to the capital and moved on. After traveling for a bit, we came to a tavern, where we learned of nearby goblin attacks that were effecting caravans. After taking advantage of the fresh steaks and drinks (the soldiers were lightweights, Aerol’s a buzzkill, and I know my limits) we travelled farther and set camp. During the night, we were ambushed by a company of Drow Archers and Swordsmen. After fighting off and killing all but one of them, we buried our fallen comrades (after taking anything that their families might want). On traveling farther, we created a hill to find a graveyard full of the remains of the lost caravans. Blood splattered the footprint covered ground (mostly goblin). We found BALBOR’S Caravan stripped of all treasures, and then were set upon on all sides by an army of goblins with a Hobgoblin at their head. After killing the hobgoblin, we intimidated the goblins into running away. Except for one that we found cowering under a broken wagon, who we took prisoner. Zashied, knowing Goblin, questioned him while He hung held at the tip of a Trident. It wasn’t until he sliced his ears off and was slowly lowered onto the tine of the Trident that he started squealing answers though. The goblins are under the command of a chain of hobgoblins, and keep the loot and “dinner… I mean kidnapped people… dinner” in a cave next to a waterfall nearby. We hogtied the goblin, stuffed a sock stripped off the surviving soldier into his mouth, and tied him to the wagon to waddle beside us all the way to the cave.

Day 99
We observed the cave and saw a Goblin named Mobby (who had a jeweled rapier) ordering other goblins around to back into the cave. We assaulted the cave and slaughtered the guards, not before Kelsor let an alarm be sounded though. Upon entering, kelsor triggered a Water Weird attack. During the battle, a Druid named Resting Bitch Face (RBF) intervened and froze it solid, allowing me to shatter the Elemental.  After this encounter, we continued deeper into the cave and came across many goblin troops. We found the one named Mobby, who was the goblin in charge of this floor apparently. After killing Mobby, Zasheid took his rapier and we went up the stairs to the next floor. As Aerol stepped onto the next floor he was hit and went flying limply back down the stairs, leaving us to fight off the bugbears that kicked his ass down the stairs. After defeating them, we woke Aerol up and he healed us all.

Day 100
We went up to next room and cleared it. As we inspected some treasure chests, Zasheid snuck off by himself. Next thing we knew, we heard some roaring and a freaking MINOTAUR came barreling down the hall towards us. It passed us and headed straight through some goblins and bugbears around the corner, swatting them aside. We caught up to it as it charged the Lead HobGoblin on the top floor of the cavern. It was an awesome fight.

I had to stop the Minotaur from killing the hobgoblin though. Apparently it knew Kelsor. Figures… the one person that knows him is a freakin HobGoblin out to murder everyone.


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