DnD Story #159 – Drunken Druid

Basically this is about how my drunken druid almost beat up a forager and hallucinated a little bit.

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Info first:

So this is my very first time playing DND. My online friends convinced to play with them. We are using discord to chat and playing on Roll20. 

We are near the end of the first Act of our campaign and so our group consists of: A hermit half-high-elf druid, orphan high-elf rogue, and a spunky alcoholic rock gnome wizard. 

To prepare for the final dungeon/cave/boss we go to a run-down wood-elf village to get supplies and rest up. Immediately our rock gnome goes to the tavern to drink. So we follow her. Our DM proceeds to say something along these lines.

DM: This alcohol is the wood-elfs speciality and can cause hallucinations if you drink 2 or more. 

Gnome: Hell yeah! My kind of stuff!

DM: Also, since the Rogue is a part of the wood elfs your first drink is free.

Gnome is already drinking. By the time the DM finishes explaing the alcohol, she is on her 2nd drink.

Me: Sips at alcohol and finds it really sweet and chugs it. (Also my druid is a light weight so she stops at 1)

Rogue walks away shaking his head.

DM: Also, there is a forger here if you want to upgrade your weapons.

Me: What!? I wanna upgrade my staff. *takes character to the forger and talks to forger.* DM proceeds to explain the cost etcetc. 

So I try to use the card in Roll20 to change the staff upgrades, but instead I kept rolling on my staff instead; my first roll was a critical fail.

DM: You swing your staff at the forager in your drunken state and miss. The forager gives you a weird look. 

Me: I didnt mean to do that! I accidently clicked roll. *laughter ensues* Ok, I think I got it this time. *rolls on the staff again*

DM: You swing your staff widely in your drunken state, while trying to ask the forager to upgrade your staff. This time he gives you a pissed off look. 

~Rogue enters and sees shenanigans~

Me: OMG! I did not mean to roll on it. I’m trying to upgrade. (more laughter) Ok I got it this time. *rolls the staff*

DM: What are you trying to do!?

Me: I’m trying to fix the stats!

DM: I’ll fix it for you. Also, this time when you swing your staff you hit the forager in the back of the head. He takes the staff from you and forces you to sit down in the corner of the room. 

Me: *Pouts*

Rogue: I’ll pull her outta here and take her back to the tavern. *rolls strength to pull her back and brings chacaters to tavern*

Me: *talks to plants in the tavern*

Rogue: Theres no plants….

DM: Shes drunk and hallucinating so she sees plants and proceeds to talk to them. Also, Gnome, your hallucinations are causing you to see nothingness and taste colors. 

Gnome: That tasted purple! *pukes*

DM: You see your vomit as very glitery rainbow. 

*Rogue facepalms*

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