DnD Story #16

By: Running Bear Dionisio Carr


So I wanted to share this story. So it is my first time playing D&D with my friends (who have played for years). I decided to play a Chaotic Evil elf rogue that liked to carve up goblins like Thanksgiving turkeys. So anyways during our campaign our party, 2 elf rogues, dwarf fighter, half elf druid and some npcs, are hired to take down a group known as the “Red Hand”. We head to a town and my rogue can’t find anyone so he breaks into someone’s house and interrogates the inhabitants….they killed themselves with his dagger..sooo in a fit of rage my character burned the village of 100 people down, killing them all and filling the phylactery he got from a previous boss fight. Now here is where karma bit my character in the ass. We find a abandoned fortress filled with goblins and orcs of the Red Hand group and we go all seal team 6 on them, throwing thunderstones into rooms, stunning them and slaughtering them. I sneak into a room where a bugbear is and I thought he was asleep and planned to assassinate him…joke is on me he heard all the commotion and hit me with his 1d10 mace with a +8 to hit, teleports away so i run after him and get in his face…the bastard zaps me with lightning to the chest! We kill him and the party argues over who gets the mace and I loudly say that I get it because of all the BS i just went through. Party agrees. So now I’m running around with a mace whacking goblins.


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