DnD Story #160 – The Useless Monk Part 2

Monk narrowly avoids death thanks to his ally

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So we were playing Pathfinder with some homebrew, with a human monk, human knife master rogue (me), and a couple others who aren't really importany to this particular story. 

In case you didn't read part 1, this monk badly lost a fight with a demigod of gambling while our dwarf ranger with no hand to hand skill at all with a dozen negatives from being really drunk kivked the butt of the demigod of barfighting. 

At this point in the game, we disguised ourselves to infiltrate a party at a demon's mansion so we could vanquish this evil. For some reason, the whole group split up (my character had left to scout around since he was the stealthy one). Somehow, the monk had gotten isolated in a room with the demon's butler, who we'd learn much later was the best rolled character the DM ever made (he was very proud of him). And the DM was out for blood. He wanted a tragety. So, the monk was getting beaten to a pulp and didn't land a single hit on the butler. Meanwhile, my rogue was coming back to the room he'd left all his companions in to find the one lone character nearly done for. So, he snuck up behind the butler, and I rolled a nat 20 to attack and confirmed the critical. Much to the fury of the DM, I one shot his best and favorite character. Of course the monk claimed it was under control though.


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