DnD Story #166 – My DMing Experience

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Being that this my first time DMing, (and I was running a game with 10 first timers), I was setting up for failure since the start.

I had a fun idea to have 7 heros and 3 villians. These villians would be able to interact and be apart of the story in ways the couldnt be as a hero, cool right? Never seen it before and thought it would be fun.

Now out of these 10 players 2 were not homebrewed characters so needless to say there was a lot of balancing I had to do prior. I decided to start them off in the lost mine of phandaveler which is a little easy starter campaign which of course I altered to fit how there characters are. 

Now the first encounter was well… To powerful for them despite there being only 6 goblin archers. Now in my defense 4 of these heros have a armor class of 18 so I thought 6 should be easy enough. Especially with starting the campaign off with magical gear. To make a 2 hour fight short, carriage Driver was 1 shotted before the fight even began, another guy died while moving a dead horse off the road. From there the encounter played out and at the end of it one man was alive… the living steel… who was immune to piercing damage. I had to make up reason why the gods revived them which was actually quite fun. 

Next adventure I thought I had it prepared perfectly, at the goblin blind I set only 3 goblins without a single archer. The players were at first cautious and snuck up but some began getting annoyed because they couldnt figure out what to do after half a hour. The Oni samurai then decides this is a good time to rush the goblins and says "I am going to cut the goblins dick off and shove it into my rangers mouth". So while hysterically laughing I make them do all the proper rolls and suprisingly the ranger makes his roll to not get a penis shoved in his mouth however then tells me this " I take the penis and keep it as a chew toy".

At this point in this two things dawned on me, I had a retarded yet entertaining group and also that The experience difference between them and I was way larger then I thought.

After finishing the goblins they procced to enter into the cave. On there left they see 3 chained wolves and all stop in there tracks. Just like earlier they have a 30 minute debate on what to do so I decide that speaking so loudly in a cave would cause people to know that they are there. I made them all roll too see if they noticed the little goblin sneaking up, releasing the wolves and sneaking away. To my amazement 7 players did not make a 16 DC roll?! Even after adding in perception modifiers.

Now this fight left the players essentially party wiped once again and lasted another 2 hours. At one point in time the black eyes dragon riders demonic sword took over his body and murdered the living steel in one shot. 

This is where we got Two play sessions and we got as far as the mouth of the cave.

I love D&D


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