DnD Story #167 – Throwing a crazy Halfing doesnt work…

The paladin picked him up, wound back to through him, tossed him... and rolled a 1.


Im currently a PC in a campaign. We have the usual party (Bard[Me], warlock, wizard, paladin, and ranger). We are currently going through the Out of the Abyss campaign (Highly recommended) and we reached a puzzle area. Essentially there are crystals spaced out around the cave system that we need to take care of to be able to continue onwards in the story. Through testing multiple ideas, we found out we could solve our problem with the use of magic. Unfotunately, there is also wild magic rolls for any spell cast near the crystal. Our wizard being a lore master, was our key tool as he could switch his damage type for each of the cystals… and roll for wild magic. Through wild magic, our wizard turned into a sheep, crackling with energy, with butterflies and flower petals flying around him with the addition of level 3 madness (causing him to endless hear voices talking to him). We finally got down tot he last crystal and found it was across a 10 foot chasm. Our paladin had stayed back to defend the NPCs.. and the rest of us could not jump the chasm. We called for the paladin to join us through our rock phone (house crests that let us send messages back and forth) and he eventually met up with us about the time our halfling wizard transformed back into himself. It was decided that with the heavy armor on the paladin, throwing the halfling across the chasm with a rope tied around him was the best decision. The paladin picked him up, wound back to through him, tossed him… and rolled a 1. The halfling went flying to the otherside before his momentum was halted; Someone was standing on the rope. We grasped desperately at the rope as our halfling wizard smacked into the side of the cavern. We pulled the dazed halfing back up and successfully threw him a second time. He took care of the crystal, talking to his voices the whole time and wandered back just as the paladin realized we could have used his Find Steed for this and he spawns his steed on the wizards side. The wizard mounts the horse, attempts to jump the chasm… and failed. Luckily we caught him with the rope still tied to him and pulled him to saftey. The horse… not so much. It was at this point that we realized that chasms were our new biggest enemy.


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