DnD Story #170 – The most boring story ever

We saved the day and managed to kill the elemental by boring it to death.

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  1. Not too long ago I was in a campaign in which my brother was the dm. I played a barbarian named Astrid who had a very difficult time keeping her mouth shut. Through out the campaign our party was guided by a litch named Mephistopheles. I don't remember exactly what Astrid did to upset him but they ounce had an interaction that resulted in him throwing a book titled "How not to be a smart ass" at her head. Of course I added it to my inventory because "hey free book," and forgot about it. Later on in the adventure we encountered an air elemental who was immune against bludgeoning, puncturing and basically everything I was capable of doing. Short of having my giant egale move it over to furnace that just happened to be on the board the only help I was able to proved was standing back and looking pretty. We were lucky enough to have a druid and a dragon born who were for the most part able to keep it back, however after a few rounds their HP started to get low. Worried they wouldn't be able to handle it on their own I frantically started to look through my character sheet for something,  anything I could use to help. I remember the book and my next round I pulled it out and began to read it out loud, the ranger who was as helpless as I was followed in my lead. After all critical hits in psychological damage we managed to save the day and kill the elemental by boring it to death.


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