DnD Story #172 – The Tavern Fight


We have a small party that consists of a half-elf warrior, an elf mage, a tiny druid gnome, a gunslinger robot and a dhampir rouge (me). So in our last session we had to go to a tavern so that the half-elf could meet a contact to get a job. Turns out that they were bounty hunters trying to get the bounty from us. The half-elf started a bar fight in his attempt to get away from them. Now my dhampir doesn’t like fighting head on so I tried to get away. I had to roll twice, once to get away from the humans that targeted me and again to get out of the tavern. I succeeded the first roll but failed the second. The DM had me physically run into a very angry half-giant who had just thrown a large dwarf across the room. There was no way I could beat this guy so I panicked and said ‘I flirt with him.’ Needless to say the DM thought I was insane but made me roll anyway. I rolled a nat 20. Long story short the fight ended with the tavern burned down thanks to the elf, my party and the half-giant being the only ones left standing and my dhampir making out with the half-giant.

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