DnD Story #176 – Be nice to bar patrons.


Let me start out by saying this was my first campaign ever.

I decided to play a chaotic evil dwarf. Just a real asshole. But he was a fun and lovable asshole.

I was sitting in a bar waiting to meet the rest of my party after we split up to check out a decent sized city. A barmaid walked up to memand gave me a beer. She began flirting and after i told her to piss off, she brought me another drink, i slammed with without even thinking.

Now I realized my mistake the second I told the dm I slammed the drink. I began feeling groggy and quickly passed out. When I awoke my party was attacking my kidnappers and had downed one of the bodyguards working for the “barmaid” i grabbed his sword, dispatched the barmaid and her final bodyguard.

Now this experience is part of why my dwarf was “chaotic” he had anger issues, like all murder hobos do. I fell into a rage and dismembered the barmaid. I took her finger (what became a calling card for this character) and then looked up. The entire city had gathered and was watching the terrible scene.

We ended up fleeing to a ferry boat where the ferry man told us he had a job for us because his usual smugglers hadn’t shown up. When asked about his previous crew he said it was a woman and two large men. Sound familiar?



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