DnD Story #178 – Grappling Hook and Honey Cakes


My group just finished creating their characters for our new “Adventures in Middle Earth” campaign. Three of the four players have previous experience in pen and paper rpgs the last was completely new to the experience. Our newbie rolls a Beorning and decides to take with him some interesting items (more on this later). We had a bit of time so I decided to give them a short battle scenario using loose rules as to not get too technical so that they could get used to their characters. The scenario opens with their surprise attack on a group of 4 humans (3 with swords and 1 with a bow). They are able to surprise and kill the bowman from a distance. Two of the humans split to the right off of the path (one ends up dying, the other gets grazed by an arrow and gives up). The last human darts off to the left of the path into some bushes and tall grass and attempts to hide. Our new player eventually gets close enough to where he thinks the enemy is. the Beorning has a 10-foot pole in his hand… “I STAB AT THE BUSHES WITH MY POLE” he rolls high — very high. “You hear an, ‘umph’ and feel resistance against your pole.” (I sigh) “I PULL OUT MY GRAPPLING HOOK AND THROW IT AT HIM” (note: I allowed him a ‘sharp’ grappling hook figuring he would use it for normal reasons..it costed 2 silver so I said why not) He rolls again… and I look over… nat. twenty. Long story short he hooks this poor fellow in the back, drags him out of the bushes, and then ties him up with rope. This poor guy is bleeding out the back so I say, ” Would anyone like to attempt to stabilize his wounds?” The Beorning says, “I TAKE OUT A HONEYCAKE (apparently one of the things that race can optionally take when they make their character) AND STUFF IT IN HIS WOUND” I ask him out of character how that helps anything and he says (out of character), “Honey is a good antiseptic”. “Well… roll a medicine check…” I’ll let you guess what happens… Yep. He shoves the honey cake into the guy’s wound. It does nothing to help stop the bleeding so he decides to slit the guy’s throat and end his misery. We have some things to work on before we start our campaign next week.

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