DnD Story #18

By: Zach Stone


Alright, so I️ had played once before. This will be a small portion of the whole story. I’ll have to tell this in many parts. So we start off as a group of travellers. I’m a rogue, my two friends, one a paladin, the other a brown mage (he uses poop magic) our DM is a madman with the IQ surpassing Einstein. The sessions are always 1000% off the wall but always fit perfectly into the story. So eventually I️ will get around to telling this whole story. But one that stands out, a funny session. So I️ died trying to save the guy who I️ looked up to as a father. His name was Trigger Vance, he carried a supernatural super sized .44 magnum. Imagine a 2 ft long bulked up .44 he was the ultimate badass. He was really old but could rip down half of a mountain with a single shot. The guy was an old character from my DMs sessions years prior. This guy was maxed out. So he was part of the Legion 7, I’ll get around to explain who they were another time. We are fighting this dragon “Karesh Drinker of Seas” he’s 6 miles long, a half a mile wide. We are captain 6’s ship charging up the iferum cannon to take a major hit to this dragon, we are all low on health and our mage was possessed by the dragon’s mind an couldn’t use any magic to help. So it’s me and this paladin. Mind you, this dragon had 10,000 health, and our max damage at this point An time together could only reach 200. So Captain 6 almost died, trigger makes a final ditch effort to end this dragon with a triple shot from his .44 which could deal up to 8000 damage if all the rolls landed right but he would possibly lose 80% of his health since he was so old. Rolls two 19s and then a 20. Makes the shot but the dragon dodged the final shot. And is heading right for the flying ship we are in (it’s a flying pirate shit with the massive jet engine on the back. So I️ take matters into my own hands since I’m almost dead anyway. Shit goes south An the dragon smashes into the ship sending everyone flying off except for captain 6, myself, and the paladin which is now unconscious with only 10hp left. The trigger has fallen off the ship and it’s 13 miles until he hits the ocean waves. I️ managed to roll a 20, then an 18 to take hold of the ship to crash into the dragon. It has about 2000 health left, and the ship crashing plus the cannon is finally charged up to its full potential. The hit lands and as I️ go to crash the ship into the dragon captain 6 bails out along with me. I️ dive down an catch up with the trigger in the free fall. I️ manage to catch him and in this free fall he asks “why save me, kid, I️ already been to hell once, time for a visit to Azura”. Azura is the devil in our game he looks like Robert Downey jr. with aviators and combat boots. So trigger pushes away from me An fires two shots into the water hoping to break my fall a little. Trigger smashes into an 80ft swell An his vanished. The paladin his now falling I️ hit the ocean An now have 15 health. Paladin hits the water an I️ roll 5 times swimming over to save him from drowning. We have to roll constant strength checks to stay afloat. As I️ make it to my paladin. We have to roll for a massive strength check, the dragon and ship are landing less than a mile from us. Remember this dragon is 6 miles long, and the ship isn’t any tugboat. I️ failed the check. When I️ wake up I’m in a snowy desert with mountains all around evergreens. There is a small camp with footprints leading to it. My character walks over An finds a note that says “see ya at the end kiddo, if you make it to the Sands -TV” the session ends with our DM saying “welcome to the hell chronicles”



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