DnD Story #180 – Epic healer


Hello peeps! Got a small war story for you, in a gestalt campaign. We’ve got 5 players, but this exchange happened between the human Healer/Sorcerer (me) and the Dragonborn Swordsage/Rogue.

Bonus, i never roll well for anything except my healing spells, all my skills are +15 ish from misc/magic bonuses to help due to low rolls.

There was 3 of us on a makshift sniper tower inside a small town being attacked every few nights. We were holding out fairly well, and i noticed a small blur a couple hundred feet away. Turns out it was one of the reinforcements that came in to help, and he was getting brutally attacked.

I forgot i was on a raised platform, but being the combat medic of the group, i immediately decided to run and help.

Dm: Roll a jump and/or tumble check.

Me: Uhhmmm, sure. I’ll roll both i guess. Is this to cross the bodies between me and my target?

Dm: Just roll.

Me: *rolls* Oh shit! 20!

Dm: Nice. Now, tumble?

Me: *rolls* 20 again!

Dm: Can confirm. You jump down from the platform, and hit rolling, add 10 feet to the total of what you decide to move this round.

Me: Cool, so that’s a total of.. 170 feet?

Dm: Sounds about right.

A round later, the Dragonborn watched me do this and tried to one up me

Dr: Well damnit, there he goes again trying to save the day. I guess i’ll follow him. But i want to do a front flip as i jump down.

Dm: Alright. Jump and tumble.

Dr: *rolls twice* Uhh.. 2 natural ones.. I don’t add my bonus to a critical fail, do i?

Dm: No, sorry. After watching your healer, who never manages to do anything right, do his epic flip roll and take off to help someone, you get all puffed up. You go to jump down, and your wing gets caught, pulling you off to the side as you leap, and you’re off balance as you fall. Then, as you hit the ground, you land heavier than you thought you would, taking *rolls* 15 points as you hear something crack as your back hits the ground.

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