DnD Story #181 – More like a rant


(BTW I want this to stay anon if possible) so I have a home brew I am playing with my husband as DM roommate and her current boy friend. She swears she does “better at sorcerers” and “does better in dungeons” and so far my husband has forcibly made her change to a different class because she could not play the class she was (now shes a spell caster before she wasn’t) and we have been in TWO dungeons and both times she has been incredibly air headed and stupid on how she acts in the dungeons. She does not think when she makes decisions and seems to forget simple things and so far yeah my hubby is leading us all on a tad bit but we are ALL leading her on the most. We have to spell things out for her and treat her like a literal child. On top of that, because she is playing with her boyfriend she has the mind set of “oh our characters HAVE to be together” I get they are in a new relationship but its quite obnoxious. Shes a half elf hes a half orc they shouldn’t be compatible AT ALL nor should she WANT to be with him. So far though, she tried to pick pocket an old man and failed to bluff her way out so ended up in bed with him and the half orc was pretty much roofied by the inn keeper and she had sex with him in his drunken state. My husband is trying to show they don’t have to be together and shit can happen. I just need advice before I start to scream because when she says “OH I know that” or “well I do better xxxx” and its that situation its like NO I HAD TO TELL YOU! I am a new player myself but geeze…anyway sorry for the rant, any advice?


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