DnD Story #183 – Vive la Révolution


So it had been awhile since I had played and my roomie decided he wanted to try his hand as a DM. He grabbed a box campaign for 5th edition to start us out and we got rolling. Had a Half-Orc fighter, a Dwarf Cleric, an Elf Ranger, and me as a Halfling rogue.  The caravan we’re guarding was attacked by some goblins on the road and we took one alive to interrogate. After leaving him with the scary Orc man for a bit, my Hobbit comes in and turns on the Good Cop charm. Some pretty decent rolls and he gives us a buncha info about his tribe, where they live, how day-to-day life and patterns run, and about their nasty Bugbear chief. I’m told I “got a funny look in my eye” and asked what I needed to roll to incite a Goblin Rebellion. My roommate, having been my best friend since the third grade was used to my shit, sighed heavily and said it would have to be above an 18. SO naturally I rolled 20, and gave an incredibly stirring speech that the Goblin people should not have to live under the cruel tyranny of the Bugbear and his hand picked Elites!
The Goblin led us to his tribes cave, we killed the guards and snuck in. More rolls later the Goblin was able to secure all the guard wargs on chains and we took them with us, and any Goblin that chose not to join our Glorious Revolution (i.e. I failed my roll to convince them) was fed to the wolves. Between the wolves and the Goblins joining us and the first Goblin’s knowledge of the layout (and our rolls pertaining to that) we breezed through the dungeon and unleashed a righteous Goblin army on the Bugbear and his elite guards. None of us ever took any damage, since we just stayed behind the mass of Goblins and took potshots. It was hilarious.
Sadly my original Goblin Revolutionary died a martyr securing freedom for his people. A crude statue was built in his honor. We were made members of the tribe and were allowed to use their cave as a staging base and rest area for the remainder of our time in the area. Roomie DM was slightly pissed, since that whole dungeon was supposed to take MUCH longer and be a lot more of a slow slog and fight, but he grudgingly found the whole thing pretty funny.
This is why talky characters will always be my favorite 🙂


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