DnD Story #184 – Guns in DND


I made an assassin, his name was Dinkleburg, he was the test character to our 17th century campaign.

Dinkleburg, armed with his Musket, went to the bounty board, and took the one for Jerry, who stole 2 huge bags of money. Took the bounty, and went to the bar. Bartender points out a guy there who he’s seen Jerry with.

Dinkleburg follows him out the bar, and fumbles sneaking in the crowd. Walks away, and decides to follow him by walking on the rooftops. Rolls a Nat 20, and is literally Batman on the rooftops. As this guy is unlocking the door to his house, Dinkleburg jumps down and pins the guy down, musket to his neck, and in my best Batman voice “WHERE IS JERRY?!” (Successful intimidation roll) “AHHH! He’s inside!” Dinkleburg knocks him out with the musket, goes inside, and slowly makes his way upstairs to a bedroom. He hears some fumbling, someone says “oh shit!” and a knife falls out from under the bed with Jerry, chasing after it. Dinkleburg takes his musket like a golf club, starts swinging, and somehow kills Jerry. Takes the money bags(500 platinum), attach’s it to Jerry’s horse, and brings it to town hall. “Hey, thanks for doing the bounty, we’ll get your 200 silver pieces.”


DM-“Dude, you didn’t even test out the musket.”

ME-“Oh just wait”


Mayor gives Dinkleburg the reward. Dinkleburg pulls out musket, point blank, shoots him in the face. Rides out with platinum bags and silver reward. Deputy Turner comes out and shouts, “DINKLEBURG!”

We were laughing, and Dinkleburg is a wanted man in the biggest city in the campaign. Muskets work!


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