DnD Story #185 – One of the best events that happened so far


So for context, 5e, Aasimar Paladin (he thought he’s just a human that’s really blessed by his patron, who’s his father. Long story, irrelevant for now.), High Elf Fighter, and me, Dragonborn Bard. 5 NPCS,  3 Dwarves, Fighter, Berserker, and Cleric, a Goblin, a Troll. Goblin uses the Troll as a mount. LMoP,  a bit rehashed. Level 6.

We are defending a bridge city from an assault from orcs that decided to unify and control the whole province. We are all fighting in 3 fronts from the outer side of the bridge (which was over a chasm which we rigged with bombs).


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