DnD Story #188 – Beating a Demon to Death with Furniture


We where playing a game of 3.5 and where in a megacity where demons weren’t even supposed to enter. Guess what decided to attack us, you guessed it, a Demon.
So the DM sends this Ooze covered demon after us. Any weapons that hit it, take damage, and my character, an Unarmed SwordSage with Vow of Poverty, is literally standing there with no weapons to wield. So what do I do?

I break into an apartment through the window, and begin picking up furniture and throwing it at this Demon. Because I’m using Vow of Poverty, any weapon I hold is considered Good aligned for purpose of Damage Reduction. And this thing just happened to have damage resistance of 10 vs anything but Good… hmm….

So I start throwing anything I can get my hands on at this demon, utilizing The Unarmed Sword Sages maneuver, Insightful Strike to deal damage equal to my Concentration check, instead of normaly improvised weapon. So I go a round, throwing furniture at this thing out the window, recharge the maneuver the next.

It decides in that time to try to climb into the window, to get smashed in the face with a night stand. And it continues like this, me knocking it back down with a heavy attack using good aligned furniture and then readying the maneuver once again, nightstand, end tables, even wall decorations get used as improved holy weapons. Until finally, it has me cornered in the hall, and it is furious at me. I grab a cloth banister and make one last impromptu attack… and kill it.

And that is the story of how my character single handedly beat a demon to death with furniture.

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