DnD Story #189 – One hit wonder


So I was playing in a 5e meat grinder campaign. I was a level 1 Dragonborn bard, had a max of 9 HP. It was the first session, we had made it though three encounters so far and were on our fourth, an Assassin Vine. Until this point, I hadn’t taken a single hit, and was admittedly a little cocky about that fact. We were having a hard time until I crited with Dissonant Whispers and took out close to half its health. That got its attention, and its next turn it decided I needed to be taught a lesson. It takes exactly one swing. Crits on its attack roll, then three of its damage d8 crit. When its all said and done, the damage from its one attack is about three times my total health, so needless to say I died instantly. More like exploded, truth be told. Somewhere on that island, there’s a clearing coated with bits of Dragonborn, and I still laugh about my One Hit Wonder bard.


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