DnD Story #19

By: Raymond Fetick


So we were playing a 3.5e set in ravensloft. My self a Drow ranger and my companion a human rogue had been trapped in ravensloft for some time. Our other part members were trapped in a guise and stuck here to complete a mission of some sorts. Two of our party members were sibling elf bards…. one was a female with multiple personalities she was also a raging alcoholic and got around to get what she wanted… anyway the DM has a black knight character he likes to use against parties… as we were in ravensloft he tossed in a vampire class, we were all about level 10, had spent a bunch of ammunition and spells fighting off a vampire horde of shapeshifters, were almost out of silver tipped arrows and here appears this black knight vampire… Our female bard pulls out this wand of fire from somewhere(still wonder where she stashed it as she didn’t really wear much) and she throws it at the black knight and casts shout…. we were in a tiny village… this thing goes off like an atom bomb any remaining villagers vaporize from the ensuing explosion, it leaves a crater 20 feet deep in the town and somehow everyone but our paladin managed to make the saving throw…. we never did find his body belongings…..The bard just pulls out her flask sits down and starts drinking in the middle of the rubble… shortly after we decide to high tail it out of the town before someone comes to investigate and finds us in the middle of town…


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