DnD Story #191



My first time playing DnD in our first session, our party started facing the entrance to a cave we'd heard stories of a horrifying monster inhabiting.

while working out what we should do we here a rustling from the vines covering the cave entrance and a pair of goblins came out with what seemed like full intention of attacking us. my character, a Kitsune rogue assassin, pulls out a trowing knife and launches it at the feet of the goblins to stop them in their tracks.

at least i had hoped.

Proceed to role nat 1 on my first role ever in a DnD campaign.

My character manages to drop the knife when he trows it, hitting his own foot, and because i min/maxed for dexterity and put shit into constitution, puts himself down to exactley 0 hit points.

Amane, the kitsune assassin now stands as my longest running and most successful campaign character.

Ahh humble beginnings.



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