DnD Story #194



I was DM’ing a campaign, with fresh lvl 1 characters. The quest was to investigate a nearby town, as it was suspected to have been overrun.

The party arrives to find the moat-surrounded town to be overrun by goblins…

As the party gets the job done, one of the goblins is hit off a parapet, breaking his legs on the cobblestone road below.

Rather than killing the goblin, the party decides to nurse him back to health and befriend the goblin. His name was Pojo, though the party relentlessly called him anything but his name… pogo, yo-yo, Po-po etc.

The party asked Pojo if their were any goblins left. Pojo called out and a hesitant companion, Tojo (his brother) revealed himself from behind the tavern.

The party quickly decided they did not like Tojo, and while Pojo was busy the ranger killed Tojo and threw his corpse in the river…

Eventually, on their return trip to complete the quest, the party wandered across the corpse of Tojo, who had washed up down river.

Blind with anger, Pojo rushes the ranger… unsuccessfully. Rather than kill Pojo, the party again decide to let him live. Pojo is left severely wounded, next to his brother, and vows revenge against the ranger.

Before leaving, the ranger whispers to the goblin something like “give into your hate, Pingu… let revenge be your only goal. Then, when you are strong, come face me.”

… I’m now writing the campaign of Pojo’s revenge, where the party will face the goblin once more



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