DnD Story #197


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My party is currently involved in a hybrid 3.5/Pathfinder campaign with some homebrew tossed in for good measure. I'm playing a flamboyant dwarven bard named Pelvik Hammerswing. The DM and I are the only two experienced players in the group, very first campaign for the other players..

In the final encounter of our first session, we're investigating an ancient underground tomb which appears to be empty. Suddenly, a rip appears in the air and out steps a giant jet-black demon.

Pelvik wins the initiative roll, swings out his lute and yells, "At last, a proper fuckin' audience! Welcome, m'lord!" and starts playing his ass off (nat 20 on perform check).

The DM was so taken aback by this action that he allowed it without the need for starting a bardic performance; the confused demon sat on his haunches and watched me perform for a good 3 rounds, giving the other players time to get into flanking positions.

In all my years of playing, this is my first time ever playing a bard, and now I'm kicking myself for not rolling one sooner.


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