DnD Story #198



On my first campaign I played a dwarf cleric. We entered into a cavern where not even our low light/dark vision would allow us to see. We inched through it, but weary of traps we had to come up with another idea…
I jumbled through my spell cards and came up with a plan.
I asked for a volunteer, but wouldn’t tell them the idea. Rightfully so, no one was interested in my antics, so I had to take this task on myself…
I inched a few feet further into the cavern and did the only thing I could think to do. With a might scream to my god, Ares, I cast “Sacred Flame” with myself as a target, emitting enough light to find a torch and the entrance to the next room (which both happened to be right next to me). I, unfortunately singed off all my hair and was mistaken for a gnome for a very long time, rolling several low rolls along the way to “magically grow my beard back instantly through sheer mind power” until I came across a nice vendor who happened to have a pricey hair growth tonic worth every bit of gold it asked for.


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