DnD Story #199


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Not D&D but pathfinder, I was playing a dwarf bard named Turd Ferguson, and we had a human barbarian, a human fighter, a halfling rouge, and a gnome sorcerer. We had just come out a big fight and we’re tasked by Mountain dwarves to go and find out whatever was making noise in the swamp at night. We come across a tower, we all go in and search around only to find a body with its head cut off. We the go back to the bottom floor and I look in a barrel, and I find this black marble. There’s nothing else in the tower so we say cool and we’re heading on our way and the dm hands me a note. It said “You’re stuck, you can’t leave” I try to go through the door and I’m cursed. So the next logical option is to break the item that had cursed me. Our human fighter and human Barbarian then decide to shot arrows at it hoping to break it. 2nd arrow hits it and the marble blows up, effectively dropping a tower on me. After all of that the DM looks at all of us and said “he was cursed to the door frame” our human fighter kept my dwarf’s shoes to give them to my re roll.


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