DnD Story #2

By: Ofir Manor

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It was an evil Pathfinder campaign. Me and my friends were gathering power and enemies alike. Most of us had a template including our wizard who became a moss moss lich.

When one of the teammates had to leave the group we decided to end the campaign quickly and teleport staight to the final confrontation. It was a mythical level 20 something giant lich.

We were pretty screwed when he caged us all and used Time Stop there times. Then he decided to use a wish on the wizard to remove his lich template.

Little did he know that the wizard also had Spell Turning and deflected the wish right back.

Suddenly, instead of a mythical lich, we were fighting a simple storm giant. The battle ended in one round. To make matters better, turn out that if his phylactery was destroyed it would unleash Cthulhu.

In the end. The evil campaign lead us to save the world from an ancient god. Quite a twist.


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