DnD Story #20

By: Matthias Vincenzo Adragna

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This is from 'Star Wars Saga Edition' which is like a simplified version of 3.5 DnD but with Star Wars. The group had the task to free someone from an Imperial Prison on the jungle planet Felucia. The heroes arrive to find Felucia under tight Imperial control. After a brief skirmish with some Imperial starships in orbit, their ship makes a hard landing on Felucia. The ship is damaged, though their NPC-Captain believes it can be repaired. After fighting their way through the local flora and fauna, they discover a hidden village of Felucians that have fled deep into the jungles to escape Imperial oppression. They convince the Felucians to lead them to the Imperial base by promising to destroy the facility. The heroes and their guide set off for the Imperial prison facility. It is heavily guarded from the outside, but the Felucian guide knows a secret way in. Once inside the base, the heroes find it more lightly guarded and more along the lines of what they can handle. In the Armory they disguise as Stormtroopers. The bothan and the ewok have to be stacked inside one armor, but they have constant good rolls for deception and acrobatics so they are pretty convincing. They infiltrate, kill the local officer, get his keycard and free the prisoner without triggering the alarm. So up to this point, everything went perfectly smooth. Our player Tobi, who is notorious for rolling low only when it is important, tries to install the special explosives which would destroy the facility in the same room where they killed the officer and sets the timer to 15 Minutes. I let him roll. Of course he rolls a 3. His character has a ridiculously high mechanics skill, but not high enough to compensate this roll. He is still confident, so i say "You think you installed it right but you cannot be sure" They head back to the secret entrance where their Felucian guide supposedly awaits their return. Unfortunately, the heroes find trouble instead. Their guide lies dead, and Imperials are gathering outside the facility, the alarms go off. About this time, the NPC-Captain sends a message: She has completed repairs to her ship and can pick them up when they are ready. They fight their way to the roof of the facility the moment their ship arrives. Under heavy fire by an AT-ST, they board the ship. At this point, Tobi realizes that his Bomb didn't go off as planned. While the others discuss what they could do now with the NPC-Captain yelling at them that they have to start immediately if they want to survive, Tobi's character puts his Stormtrooper Helmet back on and uses the built-in radio to yell: "HERE IS LIEUTENANT ADEN(the officer they killed), THIS IS NOT A DRILL, LISTEN CAREFULLY: THE INVADERS PLANTED A HACKING DEVICE IN THE COMMUNICATIONS ROOM (the same room dead lieutenant Aden is still lying in) AND IT IS DECRYPTING OUR SECRET CODES – YOU HAVE TO GET THERE IMMEDIATELY AND SHOOT IT DOWN" So he pretends to be an officer that is not only dead but lying in the same room he orders the toopers to go. I set a really high DC and let him roll on deception. Natural 20. They take off and the prison facility blows up behind them. And this is the Story how Tobi managed to blow up the installation by an act of Heroic deception, while the other players couldn’t believe the outrageous amount of Luck he had.


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