DnD Story #201 – Rakshasa’s day out


I’m playing in a 3.5 monstrous campaign. The party consists of a Rakshasa sorcerer (me), troll druid, half-fiend drow rogue, and an anthropomorphic panda dervish (irl wife). I’ve always wanted to try playing a Rakshasa so I’m determined to play it to the hilt. 

We start off having been mysteriously teleported into the basement of a temple of Mask with a vision warning us to work together or else. I figure I can easily get out on my own using old Rakshasa tricks like shapeshifting, mind reading and pure unadulterated charisma, but sneaking out the trigger happy drow, troll and talking panda is another story. One hasty backstab by the drow, a few awkward attempts at bluffing by the troll and a half baked major image by myself later and we’re in a fight with a golem and an army of Mask worshippers. What does Rakshasa do in this situation? Go invisible and spend the entire encounter threatening the enemy leader using Message, obviously, while the others make mincemeat of the rabble. I mean, I would have fought too if the enemy leader didn’t give away the beholder that would be joining them shortly.  So the panda becomes a (almost) human blender, the troll shapes into a giant flaming gorilla and throws the golem on top of the mooks, the drow attempts a flying tackle on the leader while I got the heck out of there. They could deal with the beholder if they wanted, Rakshasa is too important to die like this. (Hey, I gave them a fair warning before I fled. It’s not abandonment, it’s rational self interest!)

Unfortunately, the beholder was outside waiting for me. On the bright side, he was there not to murder me but to set the task upon which our campaign would be based. What was in it for me? A single Wish and my other party members as slaves. This is a good deal for Rakshasa. I would have shaken his hand but, well… You know.

Once everyone was outside I told them how I courageously bargained for their lives with the scary aberration and they should all thank me. At any rate it was time to begin our quest. 

The first order of business (and the last part of the session) was to establish the pecking order. Now, up until this point I’ve spent the entire session masquerading as an elderly gnome bard because that’s what Rakshasa does to keep a low profile. I tell them, the only way they’re going to stay alive when we get to civilization is with a really convincing cover story. The cover story is that I’m a handsome, charming, utterly righteous Aasimar paladin (changing shape immediately to show them what I mean) and they’re prisoners being carted off to who knows where because don’t question Divine authority. 

“Does anyone have any problems with this?” I ask.

“Troll agree,” says the troll

“Not at all,” says the drow. (He was lying but that’s another story)

“Heck yeah there’s a problem. Who made you the leader anyway? I won’t be told what to do.” says the panda. Now, remember this panda person is played by my wife.

“Okay.” I cast suggestion. “Dance for me.”

She’s like 15 short on her will save.

“Oh, you how you love to dance!” says the DM. “There’s nothing you would like more right at this very moment than to dance for him.”

Out of character, she is staring daggers at me while she pantomimes a little dance. 

“Good. Now bow.” She does, because she has to. “Lower!” Everyone is dying laughing at this point. “That will do. Now, I ask again, does anyone have a problem with this?”

No. No they did not.

I may or may not have gotten slapped for that.

Let’s see… Used my party as bargaining chips, went through a whole combat without lifting a finger, remorselessly dominated my fellow party members, and all without ever revealing my true form. Good day for a Rakshasa.


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