DnD Story #202 – Sassy Zombie


Just before interrupting a cultist ceremony the party’s Tiefling Cleric decided to resurrect a corpse from a nearby graveyard using Animate Dead then Feign Death to ask it questions. I decided to have a little fun with him.

Q1: What happened to you?


Q2: What happened before you died?

A: I was making out with my girlfriend.

Q3: Who killed you?

A: Her husband.

Q4: Was he a fish man? (for context the PCs were fighting Sahuagin cultists)

A: No he was human…..can I go now? What are ya not gonna ask me the meaning of life or anythin’ important? Honestly??

Q5: Whats the afterlife like?


With that the corpse went back to being dead. However the Cleric was having none of that and reanimated the corpse out of spite. The party now has a pet zombie they named Jerry, even though the zombie insists his name is Albert when he was alive.


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