DnD Story #203 – I’m not a threat, huh?

So, I run a club at Lowndes High for people who want to play D&D. This is one of my stories

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The party is very inexperienced, with everyone dashing for every piece of loot without checking for traps, I'm the rogue/warlock just standing back watching everyone pick up this heavy armor we just found, and that I have no interest in. Suddenly, a wall comes down as the big baddie steps into the room and analyzes everyone who picked up this legendary armor. He looks right through my 31 hide and says, "You have light armor and a rapier, you're not a threat" to which my character replies, "I don't need legendary armor to kill you". A few moments later, I'm first in line on initiative and I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I casually step to him, draw my rapier and feint him using the feat improved feint. I add an additional 4d6 weapon damage because of hideous blow and sneak attack, so my 5d6 hit staggers him. He says, "that was exceptional" and continues to ignore me. Then the boss goes from his sword to a pair of gauntlets and proceeds to challenge the gauntlet wearers of the party. My next turn I put away the rapier and proceed to use hideous blow on just my hands and I punch him square in the face. Again adding 4d6 damage because of hideous blow and sneak attack. He becomes annoyed at this point and decides to put on his armor. Afterwards, I continue to pummel the boss with feinted hideous blows. The DM looks at me and says, "Ok, ok. Roll a perception check". I roll, and recieve a gracious 17+1. To which the DM says, you notice the wounds closing as quickly as you can make them appear. I proceed to point out to the party that he's basically a god and the druid turns tail. Shortly after, everyone starts running away and I now have to hold him at bay until everyone gets away (shouldn't the lawful good paladin be self-sacrificing?) But I manage to hold him off until everyone gets out of the temple and I manage to slink away in the shadows. Needless to say, I was busy that gaming session


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