DnD Story #204 – We convince someone to kill themselves


There were two players in the campaign at the time, me (a paladin) and my friend (a fighter). We about to enter a tower to defeat t wizard at the top that we knew that it was prophizied that he would be killed by a person whose named started with the letter M, he was at the top of the tower, and he was a pyromancer.  Since my friend's characters name was Martin, we though that he was going to end up killing the wizard. When we got to the tower we found that there was an underwater entrance and another chute that was from a toilet on the 3rd floor. I couldn't swim very well so I crawled up the chute. Martin thought that was disgusting and swam through the water into the basement. The basement turned out to house the wizards tailor. Martin killed the tailor and stole the clothes that had just been finished as a joke. He then climbed the tower and met me in the second floor. Since I was climbing the poop chute while this happend, I got bored and started reading through the player handbook. This was my first time playing, so I didn't know a lot about how loot worked. I found a table for random items said that to make it interesting Martin should roll to find some loot since he had only taken the worthless clothes from the tailor. The DM said sure and he rolled to find a candle that doesn't light. We laughed and thought nothing of it. We then reached the second to last floor and had captured an apprentice of the wizard to see if we could learn more about the wizard before we fought him. The apprentice said he was very parnoid, which we had figured out already when we had overheard a guards' conversation on the way to the tower. An idea formed and I told Martin the plan. We dressed him up in the clothes he had stolen, including a mask. We walked straight up the the wizard and I said "What are you doing here? This tower belongs to [Martin], the best pyromancer in the world." The wizard claimed he was the best, already nervous that his identity had been stolen. I told him he sucked so bad that he couldn't even light a candle, holding up the candle that wouldn't light. He failed, becoming even more nervous. I held up a different candle and had Martin secretly light it with a match. Then I told the Wizard to get out of Martin's tower, the DM rolled, sighed, and said that the Wizard freaked out, jumped from the tower, and died. We died laughing and then found his notes which said that his name was Malvrus, so I guess the prophecy did come true.


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