DnD Story #205 – My first GM story

And all that was before the ex-GM showed up with a Rogue/Cleric (Trickery) that was stoned out his mind...


So last night was first time being GM. I picked up the gauntlet after or normal GM called it quits, and out of a group that’s usually 9 players plus only 2 showed up.

A rogue Wraith Host named Shadow (whos player had already decided to get rid of in favor of a new character), and a Wizard whos name i never learned. 

after the two fought a couple dryads upon entering a forest, they subdued a dryad and dragged it back to a meadow for questioning. the dryad woke up to find the wizard standing over her pointing a Wand of Lighting at her face and used ENTANGLE to knock him down and hold him to the ground as they try to question the dryad in various languages. neither of them know Elvish or Sylvan, so the dryad leaves after throwing the wand away from the group. 

Shadow finds the wand and keeps it persuading the Wizard that the dryad stole it, and they both enter the forest again continuing on to another clearing. while investigating this clearing, a pillar of flame appears and summons Shadow to come with it (its Archimedes summoning his General which is possessing the Rogue). before leaving, Shadow asks Archimedes to leave behind a Bag of Devouring with the Wand hand barely poking out of it. the wizard, meanwhile has found a strange lump of vines wrapping up what seems to be a scaly creature (The new character replacing Shadow). The wizard is distracted by the giant pillar of flame and finds the bag where Shadow was standing. hes able to put the pieces together about who had his wand, and he reaches in to grab his wand. He failed his STR save and gets sucked into the bag, failing his escape roll, he gets destroyed by the bag. Because he didnt free or wake the new character, theres no one to pull him out of the bag either. There dies Character #1 with me as DM.

Luckily, I had told everyone to come with a backup. he pulls out a Kenku rogue named Chitter. while he gets this figured out, i let the other new character wake up. hes a 9 foot tall, five headed Hydroid (Humanoid Hydra) Chronomancer. He investigates the clearing and finds the bag, he prays to his God (Chronos) to try to recieve a vision of what happened here. with an 18, i gave his character everything except how long it had been since it had happened. he reached in the bag and made a succesful save to grab the wand.

s he explored farther and triggered the Earth Elemental I had guarding the clearing. Chitter was trailing the party stealthing through the woods, both managed to see the Elemental but failed to see each other. The Hydra (named A-S-H-E-R) managed to deal out almost all the damage. however, during the fight, the kenku got knocked out and was left in the woods. ASHER fired the Wand of Lightning at the Earth Elemental, igniting a forest fire that engulfed the Kenku. the kenku managed to make his successful death saves and stabilized while the hydroid fought. Since the player behind the Hydroid gave each head a seperate personality, i rolled and told him to roll for perception. he made a pretty high roll for 3/5 heads to sniff out roasted bird and start drooling. he headed over and stood over the body of the kenku, who was shrieking in agony. and then the player decided to EAT his still living party member. then asked if he would get hp back for it. ? i gave him 25 points back.

so the other player is currently rolling up a vampire Barbarian. lol

and all that was before the ex-GM showed up with Firbolg Rogue/Cleric (Trickery) that was continously stoned out of his mind…



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