DnD Story #207 – Out playing a Succubus

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Let's set the scene. (spoilers for forge of fury)

My party is running the Tales from the Yawning Portal adventures in tandem, each connected loosely by their desire for that sweet loot. So, everyone had just levelled up to level five as we pushed our way through Forge of Fury. They're exploring the northern section of the blade works, you know how it goes. A wight, some ogre skeletons, a crazed dwarf ghost, and a succubus – who is the star of our little tale. 

Before we continue, let's introduce the party. We have Judd Basin (our male half elf druid), Lael Galanodel (the male moon elf illusion mage), Max Cirella (our female tiefling rogue), and Selise Greycastle (our female aasimar paladin). 

So here we are. Lael managed to talk to the ghost, convincing him that his home had been cleansed of the orcs he abandoned his kin to be slaughtered to. This gave everyone enough XP to level up, and we all head back to town. An extra attack, an uncanny dodge, more spells everyone is pretty happy right about now. 

After a nice rest and everyone sorting out their character details, back into the frey they delve. Hearing a young woman crying, our heroes open the door to find the young woman distraught at first, but then elated to find her saviors! After exchanging names and pleasantries, the woman (darra?) spun her sob story about how she was experimented on, and shares what information about the place she can – most being false of course. 

After the party resolves to escort her out, Darra asks that the others scout ahead while she speaks with Max. Max, my girlfriend's character, can't resist a pretty face and was compelled to stay. A couple failed saving throws later, she was subjected to the kiss of death, and dropped, thankfully making her death save. 

The party rushes in. Judd heals Max enough to get her back on her feet. Selise flies in, wings of light ablaze and hits with some massive damage, with Lael following up with a newly aquired lightning bolt. Darra is hurt, and uses etherealness to drop into the ethereal realm. This is where Lael unleases his plan. 

He uses blink to drop into the Ethereal plane, surprising Darra and causing her to lose her turn. Lael then uses rope trick to bring them both into a pocket dimension which he described vividly as "the tunnel scene from Willy Wonka". Some phychic damage later, they both appear where they were. Darra has six health remaining. It's Max's turn. 

She's still hurt, but with a smile on her face, Max walks up to Darra who is beyond terrified at this point, realizing she was in way over her head. 

Max leans in, kisses Darra on the cheek, and slides her rapier through her gut, ending the encounter. 

tldr; A succubus thought she was going to fuck my girlfriend, got fucked instead.


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