DnD Story #208 – Corrupting a Paladin


In one of my dnd groups i play a corrupted paladin im evil as all can be, well we have a lawful good paladin as well who really didnt like me. Dm loved what was about to happen because the Lg paladin fought me but woth my high dice rolls *thanks rng* i killed him. Well the dm then told the player the paladin came face to face with his god who was not happy to be defeated by evil. The god told the paladin he was not worthy and sent him back into the world and i ended up corrpting that poor paladin who believed his god and faith was a lie. We  secretly plan on taking over a small city( we were gunna go there anyways to kill an evil king and set up a base camp) the rest of the party doesnt know what is in store cause were gunna become the rulers and inslave them all we told the dm if we could and he loved the idea just because of adding chaos into his story and make his plot even better. 


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