DnD Story #21

By: Holt Robert


It's my fourth session ever as a DM and my fellow household members (5 of them) and I are all brand new to the game. I decided to finally just start buying the necessary books and accessories I could find.  So the party splits into two and three, the party of three is basically running a one-shot that has turned into… more than a one-shot now.  I've placed the players into an underground layer/lab that is run by a gray dwarf (Thorin) and his assistant, a  high elf (Varis).  They use to fight alongside one another in a war long ago and Varis is now helping his friend Thorin to try and cure his two brothers from zombification. Unknown to the players, there is no cure. I randomly placed a red fern in a hallway though, and they've been trying to reason with me to think of ways to complete this quest without actually killing Thorin. Mid-battle Thorin has so far taken a firebolt to the face, only to singe off his fake beard. And has now had the moss that was growing off the wall that was behind this "magical" red fern shoved down his throat, which only sobered him up instantly, but made a zombie explode earlier. That's exactly where we left off because the child in the group needed to go to bed.  I'm backtracking now, but in the room before the "boss room" the group found Thorin's journal, revealing how he uses Varis to capture adventurers for test subjects and due to Varis' actions he has betrayed the players.  I have about four different paths I can take the players depending on the actions they take and I can't wait for our next session.  This game has become my passion, my outlet, and has even gotten me back into reading and writing!  I may be getting a bit obsessed, but… that's ok, right? Lol ?


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