DnD Story #210 – I’m definitely your God… now give me your clothes


ok so we were in a system of caves searching for an evil dieties place of worship. This was my patron diety so it was personal for me.  well we have two rogues in the party, me and my best friend. we both roll stealths and i get a 27, he gets a 24. anyway we go down a corrider and come acorss a huge shrine to paylor, tons of worshippers and all. Everyone in the party simultaniously goes “Oh sh*t”. i let them know to stay bsck while my best friend and I sneak up to the head priest, who is leading the ritual they are preforming. Now, for some odd reason I had an amulet of Paylor, not  magical, but still. i chose to reveal myself standing directly in front of the Head priest,  the amulet in my hands, presented towards him. before he has the chance to question me i scream in a commanding voice “you have summoned me, speak now mortal.” I roll persuasion, and get a nat 20. They all believe I’m the messinger of Paylor.  Well we need them out of these caves, that they were sent to by Paylor. I convince them to flee to a city that had already been destroyed earlier in the campaign. I stop the head priest as they run, having an idea spark in my head. i have him leave all of his clothes and magical items, in case we had use of them later on. he does it willingly. After seeing all of this happen, the barbarian in our party with an intelligence of 5, bows down and worships me. and thats the story of how a chaotic evil rogue convinced and entire cult of Paylor that he was their God


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