DnD Story #211 – Good guys do torture bad

"The important thing to note about this group is that we are all good people who always mean well and protect the innocent..."

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In our underdark campaign, we had just escaped from a drow prison and they were hot on our trail.  The first wave of drow soldiers caught us off guard and ambushed us.  Thats when our flamboyant bard decided to cast blindness on one of the soliders.  After that our cheeky pacifist dragonborn cleric decided to cast deafness on the same soldier.  That is the moment our troublemaking ranger decided to hog tie the drow, knock him out and kidnap him for information. The ranger spent the entire encounter punching this blind, deaf, hogtied drow, screaming his head off until he was finally knocked unconscience amoungst a landscape of his dead compatriots.  This should have been an indicator that the group to intervene…  but they didnt.  After kidnapping the drow and running for a couple hours, the party takes a break and the ranger takes the lead on the interigation while the group idly stands nearby.  The important thing to note about this group is that we all good people who always mean well and protect the innocent…  but not anymore. The drow wakes and the ranger begins their interigation.  The drow is non cooperative so our (at the time) innocent ranger slaps him and he falls unconscience.  Uses cure wounds to wake him up and proclaims “I can hurt you and heal the wounds and do it over and over again”.  The drow is still not talking.  This is when things really takes a turn as our ranger Kloresh stabs him in the shoulder.  The rest of the party ignore the entire scene in front of them, complete with blood curdling screams from the drow.  Still not cooperating, our ranger ripped out his eye from the socket and threw it over her shoudler.  Then the kidnappee got possessed by a powerful drow priestess, spoke non sense and then snapped his neck.  While torturing him the player who plays the ranger looks at their character sheet under personality traits, in caps and underlined 3 times reads “I AM A HERO.”  


Our party, deafed an enemy, blinded him, hog tied him, knocked him out and then kidnapped him.  Then our group allowed the ranger to torture him for information he probably didnt have.  Stabbed and beat him and then ripped out his eye before becoming posessed and getting his neck snapped.  We did not get any information and did not advance the story line at all.  We failed at torturing and we failed ourselves.  However, it was the funniest session we had by far.


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