DnD Story #213 – WindGrace’s Big Day

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I have an Lg stone giant named WindGrace with the INT of 5 with both STR and DEX of 30+, who just do happens to posess a blacksmiths anvil that has been magically enchanted with continual Flame and 100ft of ropes tied to it. It's his favorite "toy" to play with. The party walked into a town that abhorred the black magic and it's use of any kind. The city watch stopped the party and requested that the flames be extinguished. I rolled for INT (never a great thing to hear from the DM) and proceed to roll that fabulous NAT 1. So being that when we roll those in non-combat checks we get to create the punishment. So using "my smarts" but knowing that the flames will not go out, I set the anvil down and proceed to start peeing on it. The townsfolk scream in horror as I relieve myself in the town's main street. While relieving myself I resisted three seperate castings of hold person. Once finished I picked up the anvil showed it to the city watch and said, "See told you it no go out." We were told to leave and never return to the town again and nevet return, destroying an entire month of planned quests in under an hour.


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