DnD Story #216 – Persuasion invasion

Fight in the woods

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This was our 3rd session of our current story. Our oarty consists of an elver fighter, a human druid and a red panda monk who is also an alcoholic. We werrewalking through the woods to get to the enemy base to rescue a monk and get the treasuse from the city that was stolen. Our Panda mink climbs a tree to get a look and about a hundred yards away he saw skme smoke. He has the best sneak so we sent him in to look into it. He rolls an 18 for stealth and 18 for perception and over hears a group of cobalts talking amongst themselves that they want the last chicken and if the cultists in the group eat it telhey will kill them. The cultists were saying they want the chicken to torture the cobalts. Our monk returns and tells us. Our elven fighter then decides he wants to sneak with chain mail on. Rolls a 4 for stealth and all the cultists and cobalts notcie him so he steos out. They are all at the ready to kill the figther while his party is in the back looking on not believeing what they see. The fighter then looks at the coblats and says "if you kill thr cultists i will give you all 10 kf my days rations as well as the chicken you want" 

Dm roll persuasion

Nat 20! Noe the oarty jumps out. Now it is a party of 5 us 3 and 2 NPCs and 8 cobalts against 4 cultists. All cultists were killed and as the rations were about to be given the cobalts decided they wanted to kill us any way. 

The fighter says "but we had a deal" which the reply was "yes to help kill yhem we never said we wouldn't kill you after".

Roll initiative.

All 5 of us get in their face and take them out in a matter of 2 turns! 


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