DnD Story #218 – Rogue

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I have been hosting a game for my friends from the hoard of the dragon queen campaign book. And we arrived in waterdeep for a few nights stay. The previous session we added a few farm animals to our team, a chicken named lemon and a chameleon also a small boy that is secretly a warlock but he isnt important… so the party reached waterdeep and our Rogue who wanted the chicken thought it best to get a little suit for it.

 so i guided them to a dingy little sweat shop type thing. He tried to persuade the man to make a suit for the chicken, long story short it didnt work out and our wizard decided to argue with the rogue over something and said i want to throw a "fireball" at his feet accidentally meaning firebolt ofcourse but hes been doing that kind of thing a lot so this time i took it seriously and after all the damage rolls were done half the sweatshop front was gone and 3 people burnt to death and the wizard is jail. 

Players… make sure you say the right thing to your DMs


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