DnD Story #22

By: Courtney Hitt


Here's an update from the game with the pixie and her wand of wonders.
Our DM was out again this week, so the one-shot is now a Christmas themed side quest. After overcoming a few other things, like me being targeted by Krampus' elves "3 swarms of gibberlings" because I was the only one without a good alignment, using my wand and doubling the size of one of the swarms and falling down a hole. We finally came across the big bad of the session. The "Christmas tree", which in all actuality was just a quick wood. There was a twist though, after absorbing so much magic energy the ornaments exploded and killed our bard. With quick thinking our Warlock reincarnated her, from a half-elf to a Tiefling, but alive which was more than I could say for the tree. It did leave presents though! One for each of us… of course me being me, I opened the first box. Our DM let us draw from The Deck of Many things. I got +2 to any stat, our fighter got 50,000 gold worth of gemstones, the artificer gained double proficiency in persuasion. However, those were the only 3 good draws. The bard who was reincarnated lost everything that was not a magic item, our paladin and our monk, who were both Lawful Good are now Chaotic Evil. And the worst of all our Warlock, she summoned an Avatar of death which only she could battle. Sad to say she is no longer with us.

Good news is, it wasn't the pixies fault this time!


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