DnD Story #220 – Too Much Love is a Bad Thing

By: Dylan Troyer


So I took over as DM for our group when the first guy couldnt handle all the work of being DM so he joined in as a PC. The party had just cornered the leader of a local gang they had been hired to uproot but he charmed the fighter and started running away. A quick chase leads them back through the hideout and into a bathing area that doubles as a harem for the gang. The harem consists of solely halfings, which as it so happens the fighter of the group has PTSD about and he immediately starts throwing punches out of anxiety. They catch the leader while he was trying to down an invisibility potion and take him captive when 5 more gang members show up. Every member of the party leaves through the main exit using the leader as leverage except the fighter who’s currently seeing red because of all the halflings. The new PC/old DM (Wild Magic Sorc)was being held prisoner but broke himself and a small family(including a lovely redheaded human) out of jail, after a wild magic surge that cast Confusion on himself the lovely lady ended up killing most of the guards and every single member of the group except the Half-Orc Barbarian started asking for her hand in marriage. After about 15 minutes of real time skill checks to see who she would fall in love with the Barbarian says,”I’m tired of all of this lovey dovey garbage, I roll to attack her.” With a nat20 and a truckload of damage he cleaves her head off in front of everyone including her mother and brother. In the stunned silence that followed the Fighter killed the rest of the halflings, the Barbarian killed the mother and brother because their screams annoyed him, and both dropped in alignment to CE. All this in my first session as a DM. I wonder what joys the future will bring lol.


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