DnD Story #223 – The Year of the Killing Wave

1/?? Sorry in advance, but this is going to be a little long winded as we're already several sessions in.


So we’re working our way through a custom campaign (set in Faerun during the year of the killing wave) put together by our DM who has been playing D&D for 30+ years now. For must of us, it is our first time playing. DM took it easy on us at first because of this and would drop hints here and there or flat our tell us what to do if we werent catching on, but has since pretty well left us to our own devices other then the odd hint here or there.

We are several sessions in at this point; investigating undead attacks on neighbouring town every week, running into some sticky situations and a blood pact to a litch, having a bounty on our heads, clearing our own names as well as the duke of the area who was being blamed for the attacks. Now we are being sent by the duke to hunt down one of his barons who was truly the evil mastermind behind everything.

The party has gone through changes as players came and left but we were currently set up with a human barbarian, a teifling warlock, an aarakocra ranger and a dragonborn paladin (myself) all between 4th and 5th levels.

Going after the baron we find out search parties have been sent out in several directions, but the only ones who never return are being sent towards the mountain ranges to the north. And when they do return, its the entire party being teleported into the middle of town, killed in some horrific manner.

Needless to say, we’re headed to the mountains.

Our ranger flies ahead and scouts out the area, we know we’re headed to an old decrepit temple in the mountains and too expect a fight getting in as arrows flew past her when she got close.

On the way we fight our way past a few drow rangers and an earth elemental. Finally get to the temple and suprisingly we can walk right in. We’ve been fighting a bit without a long rest and im low on spell slots so i suggest making camp. The rest of the party agrees to a short rest to get back some health but doesnt do my spell slots any good. Get up and everyone is being SUPER cautious. DM looks at us and says all the light suddenly vanishes from the room.

A large black something is now blocking our way back out of dungeon. Our warlock inspects it. Its not a door, and not a spell. So he takes a few steps back and throws a crossbow bolt into it. Queue our first fight with a black pudding.

Fight finishes and while our warlock is rolling with the DM trying to scoop some of the black pudding into an empty vial, the rest of us are deciding which if 3 doors to go through first. We had all but decided on the left most door when the rest of us git distracted by the warlock and tried to help so we could get moving forward.

The ranger however, was tired of waiting and went on alone. We finish dicking around and look up to realize shes gone. We run through the door to see her gem of brightness shining about 150 ft ahead of us. Suddenly she screams and it goes out. Our warlock with devils sight just lets out an “oh sh*t…” and we start running after her.


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