DnD Story #224 – The Year of the Killing Wave




Two drider later we have our ranger back and continue moving through the halway when we come to another door. After a quick inspection we note there are sigils above it. The rest of us back up around the corner and let the barbarian open the door. He comes flying back down the hallway from an explosive trap, but at least the door is open now.

At this point all we see through the door is complete darkness. Our warlock sneaks in and tried to look around with his devils sight but isnt seeing much. Then our DM pulls the player away for a quick one on one.

When they get back, our archer (again tired of waiting) has lit and arrow and is about to fire it into the darkness. The warlock comes running back out of the room, pulls the arrow from her and says "not this way."
(We found out the room had 2 more drider, as well as 2-3 other large looking enemies. One of which may have been the baron but too unsure to risk the heavy battle currently)

We head back to the starting point and this time we're taking the right most door. Walking down a hallway we come to a small office or library. We start raiding the room, myself and the warlock find a couple books of religious interest. Then while the warlock and the barbarian search the desk, myself and the ranger get to work opening a chest. I bash the lock open with the hilt of my longsword and take one damage from a small explosion, well worth it for what we found (turns out to be a clock of protection, gaunlets of ogre kind and 2 greater healing potions which myself and the ranger split 50/50). The room is also set up with a bed and only has 2 doors. Easy to guard and perfect for a long rest, which i really pushed for only having 2 lvl1 spells left. Again, no rest and we push on through the door.

 Walking further down the hallway when something lunges out to attack us. The DM decribes it only as an undead looking monster.
Fight ensues and we find with every attack the monster makes it is leaving worms on us. First round we all take the time to pull the worms off. The warlock is far enough back that he can throw spells without getting hit. Our ranger however is too close to run without getting hit by an attack of opportunity and the ceilings are too low for her to fly, so shes stuck front lines with myself and the barbarian.

The ranger is tired of picking off worms and starts lashing out with her dagger, taking damage from the worms at the end of the round but surviving. Next round, i choose to do the same.

We kill the monster (still not thinking it was anything other then a wormmy undead) but we are still taking damage from the worms. Im down to 9hp and the ranger was hit so hard she died. This is where our campaign took a big turning point…

The undead was actually a spawn of kyuss. Our ranger didnt get to make saving throws but instead came back as one of the same monsters. Knowing i wouldnt make it through the next round, our warlock sealed myself and the ranger turned spawn inside of a magic circle that undead could not penetrate. I took a couple wacks at the archer then fell to the same fate.

And thats how our party lost an archer and a paladin. And how the barbarian and warlock got ahold of over 1000GP as well as several magical items…

And now its time for some lineup changes…



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