DnD Story #229


I'll try to keep this short. 4 people in our group, there's me, a warlock that worships Dendar and sacrifices people and pretty much anything whenever he gets a chance, a druid who is over all a kind guy and a lawful character, but hates goblins because of his background, a fighter who hates cultists (he knows I'm probably one) and a ranger that we don't know much about because he's new to the group. So we're in a cave and we're fighting goblins, when I get the idea to shout at the group to leave the last enemy alive at the end of combat (non-lethal damage). Then I proceed to ask them their names and sacrifice them, while doing a creepy "ritual". The first time I'm in the process of doing that, the fighter tries to stop me by grabbing me. The druid, since he hates goblins, is perfectly fine with what I'm doing, so he's using Guidance on me, and also, the ranger for some reason is aiding me, making me actually able to beat the fighter in the strength check as I push him away and continue with the ritual. Couple minutes later we fight some more goblins and their bugbear leader, finishing the combat and dealing non-lethal damage to the bugbear. The fighter and the ranger were closest to him, and I had already shouted to keep him alive. The fighter tries to finish him off before I could get to him and sacrifice him, but seeing that, this time the ranger tries to intimidate him by pulling an arrow and pointing it at him, warning him not to do it , rolling a nat 20. Fighter then walks off all angry and sad again, yelling at me and denying any loot I hand out to him. This time instead of doing the ritual myself, I hand my sacrificial dagger to the druid since he had helped me a lot with the fighter, also knowing that he hated goblins and I asked him if he wanted to do it. (Note: The fighter and the druid are supposed to be the good guys and they trust each other) After some minutes of thinking, he actually does it, and you should have just seen the fighter flipping off and going mad all over the place, both irl and in game. That was poetic.


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