DnD Story #23

By: Ali Panda


Hello! I would like to share the best experience I have ever had in a 5e campaign! I play a homebrew game with my boyfriend and a few friends, in this game my first character had been killed by a griffon, and my friend his first character had been killed by giant spiders, but our dm was very nice and let us make new characters, so I now have a teifling and he has a teifling. Out Teifling characters, this is a fighter named Red, mine is a warlock named Mist. The teiflings join the party and head to a town by helping a caravan, in this town it is surrounded by orcs, like full-blooded orcs, they weren't attacking the town, they were just sitting outside the town waiting for a tournament to begin so they can get into the catacombs for some reason. So our party usually travels in pairs when we split up, so if the dm decides to have some orcs jump us we can have help. our Dragonborne rouge and high elf wizard had already gotten into a fight over a cask of wine. My character and Red were going to a raven tower to see if our human barbarian, who scared two orcs out of a fight by kicking one in the nuts, had gotten a letter from a guy who we are looking for. Finding nothing useful, we started heading to the local bookstore, and two orcs stop us. 

Orc: where ya going?  

Red: To bed.  

Orc: it's about noon? ya hiding something from me!  

 Mist: no he's not hiding anything, we are teiflings, we are usually night owls.  

Orc: Nah he's hiding something, where ya going?  

 Mist: to find a book. 

Orc: a book? … Can ya kill something with is?  

Mist: hmm… I don't know -pulls out a borrowed tome- come here red -holds it up and goes to smack Red in the head-  

DM: roll a deception check. 

 Me: -rolls nat 20 and adds the +4 to it-  

Red: -freaking out-  

Orc: woah where can I get one of those?  

Mist: we're on our way to go get another one! come on let's go get you, fine gentlemen, a book.   Mist and Red take the two orcs to the bookstore, the Dragonborne is already there because she knows everyone in the town. Mist knocks on the door and manages to get in, the dragonborne is yelling at Mist because the orcs are going to kill them if they don't deliver on the promise of a book weapon. So the book keep takes an old encyclopedia and the dragonborne wraps it in a chain, then she takes it to the orcs, they hand her their full coin purse, so not only did I convince these two stupid orcs that a book is an ultimate weapon, but I sold a 2 gp book for 37 gp. and they were yelling and carrying on about the damn book, even entering the tournament with the damn thing.


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