DnD Story #234 – Choose your words wisely

Through a slip in verbiage my party obtains a sentient mace


So today in DND……
Jonathan the cleric: I subjugate the enemy maces stealthily
The rest of the party: do you mean appropriate?
Jonathan: I guess I do. Wait CAN I subjugate the maces?
(everyone turns to the DM)
DM: Well there is a 2% chance that the weapons are intelligent….What the heck I’ll roll for it. (rolls) no (rolls) No (rolls) look of disbelief followed by an angry sigh.
(everyone cheers)
Many rolls later our party is joined by Bengram, the lawful good, sentient mace, enchanted to be on fire all the time. He can also sprout little arms and legs and run about on his own. He doesn’t have a mouth but can communicate with everyone telepathically. His mission: to fight in the name of Kek
We love him!


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