DnD Story #235 – Tomb of Horrors Shenanigans

My brother and I cheesed the Tomb of Horrors, big time!


So, my brother, a human Rogue named Ryder, and I, a Kenku Warlock named Ilikan, were playing the Tomb of Horrors, won on the first try and no one died.  

My brother had a shield guardian named Herman, and Herman saved our lives throughout all of the traps within the tomb.  Most of the time we would let Herman go first, trigger the trap, and either we would crawl over him or have him pick us up and place us on the other side.  Very cheap, but the DM allowed us to do it while shaking his head.  Many times we almost died, but Herman saved us.  

There was a puzzle room with a bunch of status and a portal that led to the entrance that drove my brother and I crazy.  We spent hours and hours in that room, eventually I got fed up and order Herman to chuck all the statues through the portal for reasons.  We found an exit and continued on, fought a Vampire, was saved by the luck of a dice roll when the floor gave out from under us (this was the only time that we could have actually died).  I went into a hallway and came out as a female Kenku, and I was naked.  It was all good fun!

Eventually we got to a throne room with a crown, and a scepter.  I immediately pick up the scepter, because I am a Warlock who likes shiny things and did something and vanished immediately.  I was dead, but my brother found a gem that granted wish and wished me back to life.  Unfortunately, we both became frozen because the DM was evil.  The gem began to pulsate and my brother order Herman to rip the stone out from his hand, but he rolled terribly so Herman ripped Rider’s arm off and threw it in the opposite direction, then the gem decided to explode and my brother and I were no longer frozen.  

We approached a door and Herman was able to open it due to a key we picked up earlier.  We eventually approached a strange looking wall, I forget how we opened it, but it led to a room filled with treasure.  There was a keyhole that we found and let Herman once again unlock it, but this time the floor began to rise.  My brother and I were able to escape with ease, but unfortunately Herman was crushed.  We grieved, but noticed a secret door that had been unveiled due to the floor rising up.  We entered the door, it led to another treasure room and noticed all of our statues laying everywhere.  Our statues were on top of a crushed skull, which then the DM decided to say “Since you two completely cheesed this, but in a way that was so clever and hilarious, why not have all of your statues crush the demi-lich too!  Congratulations, you won!”  This was the best D&D experience ever!


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