DnD Story #237 – Polymorph horror


We're in a long term campaign, going on 4 years. everyone is around level 11-12. We're playing through module G3, Hall of the Fire Giant King, they’re on the lower level. 

Shortly after freeing two centaurs, Arthurion and Greg, and keeping them as hirelings. The party was attacked by two Fire Giants hunting these raiders and known Giant killers. The first Giant was swarmed by the party and taken down by the druids ravenous wolves. Greg charged in at the last Giant -rolling a critical hit- and crushed the Giants hand with a strike from his powerful hoof. 

It was not enough to stop the Giant and with one final blow Greg was torn down by the massive great sword. Before Arthurion could even reconcile with the loss of his brother, the necromancer Barron Von Shitegeist was already picking at the corpse with Magehand, taking organs for his dark rituals. The Centaur attacked the wizard in rage. Before the situation got any more out of hand the elven druid Furion, polymorphed the Centaur in to a mouse and put him in his pocket.

The party rounds the corner into another Giant patrol. After felling the first Giant, Hyelfice the dragonborn fighter, demands the mouse from Furion and positions himself behind the Giant, gaining attack advantage. He thrusts his sword in the back of the Giant, twisting the blade. His next attack, he takes the mouse and punches it into the gaping wound. Crushing it in his fist with is final action.

Instantly the centaur explodes out of the side of the giant. Gore sprays out in all directions. Arthurion  is screaming and flopping around in the giant pile of blood and meat, like a new born calf. In the chaos and blood frenzy, Hyelfice attacked the bewildered centaur. -rolling nat 20- Taring Atherion man from horse, showering in his blood and feasting on his flesh.

The party looked on in horror, as the entire dungeon fell silent.
Only to be broken by the ghoulish laughter and cheers of Von Shitegeist.

Dming’s different when your players are the bad guys…

I haven’t even told you the part where they summon the power of Tharizdun.


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