DnD Story #238 – Tavern Talk #1. Dragons arent so scary.

The group disturbs a dragon who just cant seem to get it together.

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The group, A dwarven cleric, a gnomish bard, and a human rogue. The scenario, While travelling through underground caves the party is asked to help the nearby town by stopping a dragon that lurks in the watery tunnels. After travelling for a while the party comes to a small cave with a few water holes and an archway on the far side. Dragon hears them enter the cave and a short fight ensues where the dragon attempts to drag the rogue into the water and drown him. Luckily our heroes are able to fend him off and prevent the rogue from meeting a watery grave. The dragon, having retreated into the next cave room, attempts to trick a member of the group into running into the next room (which has a massive river and is prime "drown the pc" real estate). New players in the group, this can totally work.

 I roll to deceive. 1. The bard makes a counter roll. Nat 20. SO now the bard hears as the dragon, attempting to beguile the group, shouts "Oh please help me im a small gnomish child that needs assistance." 

Group is totally not going for it, even has a conversation in character about it. "Thats totally not a gnome child." "No way man. I aint going in there. Lets just hang out its not worth it."  "Like we would be that dumb" 

So now as a DM i need to try and figure out how to get them to come to him, dragon's pride and all. I think, "ill try and persuade them, maybe that will go better" I roll to persuade. 1!!!! They roll opposed. Literally 2 nat 20's and a 19….. So now the dragon comes a little closer to the edge of the cave and throws a hand  Clawful of coins into the doorway and shouts "Oh wow look at all this fancy treasure, i hope some adventurers dont come and try to take it!" 

The group, unmoved. "Dude those are probably copper" "This dragon is like really desperate" "Maybe he has no friends and is lonely…" 

Now im almost physically upset, i try ONE MORE TIME to see if i can make up for the past 2 mess ups. I roll to deceive….. yup… a 1. The group rolls opposed. Bunch of heroes they are… a nat 20 and 2, 18's. A dm's worst nightmare…

 The dragon "Ok guess ill just leave and get some groceries or something… bye… im leaving…" Group. "…Lets just blow up the cave." "Yeah i doubt he is smart enough to find a way out." "Poor guy, im leaving some gold for him"


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